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UPVC Buyers Guide

In building construction synthetic materials (based on PVC) have confidently won first place (before windows), pipes and construction of molds. In the manufacture of synthetic frames as in the construction of drinking water pipes, the same requirement: long life is due no compromises. Their very good technical properties, their high weather resistance, ultraviolet rays and corrosion, light weight, simple treatment, difficult ignition, the heat-insulating properties, as well as the particular ease of recycling led them to success.

PVC is actually something like “world champion” in the economy. Saves raw materials, energy, materials, weight, wear and spare parts. From an ecological point of view (because it claims in the consumption of natural resources is minimal compared to other materials) is considered the most valuable material. The installation of upvc frames is done using the latest insulation techniques for the maximum efficiency you can have at your interior environment.

You can give your home that extra bit of style and an individual look while still protecting it from burglars.

Window handles and door handles come in a variety of metal and uPVC coatings and colours that can match the interior and exterior decoration of your home.

Multipoint door locks can be full lock or centre case only. There is a large selection of door cylinders, from the top-of-the-range high-security designs to standard, thumb turn or oval cylinders.

Add extra security with window restrictors, egress fire escapes and butt door hinges. Door parts such as letterboxes, door knockers and door numbers are available to match the locks and handles for a complete design. Sash jammers, cable window locks and patio door locks ensure that intruders cannot gain access to your home.